About Ariel

Born Marissa Anderson, I began practicing under the pseudonym Ariel Fleishhacker in 2017. Ariel is my Hebrew name and means "lioness of god"; Fleishhacker is the last name my grandfather was forced to abandon upon defecting from soviet-occupied Czechoslovakia. This pen name allows me a sense of privacy, sanctuary, and an ability to access a creative part of myself unclouded by self-conscious thoughts.

Please note that my commercial work, including my freelance photography, is still published under the name Marissa Anderson.

Artist Statement

My art is a form of profound storytelling: a delicate balance of genuine sincerity and thoughtful oddity. The artwork that is created from my body and mind are not confined to one medium of expression, involving soft and hard materials that range from fiber and paint to metal and biological matter. This didactic work, in turn, reflects a personal journey of deep self understanding and acceptance to find harmony. This work is an embrace of multiple truths that appear outwardly dichotomic, yet harmonious within the body. I deeply hope to elicit critical thought, to heal and understand myself and the harshness of my world. I am a textile artist, an author, an empath. At my core, I remain quietly loud.

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